Stable Diet Miracle Munch

Miracle Munch Stable Diet Miracle Munch

A delicious snack filled with oats,seeds & raisins.Ideal for eating on the go - a meal in a munch! Wheat free


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Ingredients and nutrition
Nutritional Information
Typical value(g) per65g per 100g
Energy 1262 (KJ)
302 (Kcal)
1941 (KJ)
464 (Kcal)
Protein 4.2 6.4
Carbohydrate 34.0 52.3
of which sugars 17.4 26.8
Fat 16.6 25.5
of which saturates 6.8 10.5
Fibre 3.4 5.2
Sodium 0.1 0.2
Jumbo Oat Flakes (39%), Brown Cane Sugar, Butter, Trail Mix (banana chip, almonds, coconut, raisins, cashew nuts) (Total Content 9%), Sunflower Seeds (4%), Non-hydrogenated Vegetable Oil.
Allergy Information
Contains Oats, Nuts & Milk products.
May contain traces of seeds.
Storage Information
Store in a cool, dry place and away from strong odours.
Customer comments...
The Miracle Munch bars and the Chocolate Flapjacks are the best we've come across. They are just what we need as we seakayak around Ireland!
Date Sun 20 Apr 2014
Customer comments...
I have to say that I love your miracle munch bar! I can honestly say that I have NEVER contacted any company before regarding any product but just had to find out more about your company as I was very impressed. Maybe this is the type of product which should be put into vending machines in schools?? or everywhere else for that matter...
Date Thu 1 Oct 2009
All your products in the flapjack / miracle munch are really, really fantastic. Great value and so, so tasty, as if they have just come out of the over (without all the hard work!). It's great to see an irish company making such a great product :)
Date Fri 27 Nov 2009
miracle munch bar,,one of the best flapjack bars I have ever tasted,, just like what granny used to make! well done!!
Date Tue 30 Oct 2012
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